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Queensland Day
Qld Prawns for Qld Week
We love Queensland and we love prawns. So what better way to pay homage to both than during Queensland week June 4th - 13th.
Prawns - a new Superfood
Find out why Prawns are amazing for your body and mind.
Planet friendly prawns
New tech makes prawn fishing and farming one of the most planet friendly food sources.
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Welcome to Queensland Prawns

Queensland is a spectacular state of endless beaches, reefs, fertile land and friendly people. But it’s not just an irrational fear of daylight savings that sets Queenslanders apart from others.

Being a Queenslander means measuring rainfall in metres, wearing zinc cream to every outdoor event except funerals and having a rush of maroon blood to the head when a cane toad is close to a try. Yes, we have plenty to celebrate in Queensland, but one magical element makes this state truly unique.

Our Queensland Prawns.

Tigers, Bananas, Endeavours, Kings - the four pillars of Christmas Day lunch and the reason we Queenslanders are so healthy. Prawns are packed with all that is good for you. Omega 3 oils, quality protein with less fat and kilojoules than nearly any other source from land or sea.

So apart from duty to our state, why should we Queenslanders put local prawns on the menu more often? Well, it’s a fascinating story, and one we’re about to Queensland Prawns during Queensland Weekshare with you in great detail.

Queensland Prawns for Queensland Week. June 4th - 13th

What a year it's been - floods, cyclones, even an earthquake. But Queensland has rallied and we're well on the way to recovery. Something great has also come from all this water - a sensational harvest of Queensland Prawns.

So what better time to enjoy some great Queensland Produce than in Queensland Week - June 4th -13th.

Yep, a week that is nine days long. We expect that is because everything is bigger and better in Queensland.

Join in, RSVP to our Facebook event; Listen to Queensland Prawns Radio and check-out the special events with great prawn specials by participating retailers.

Latest Blog Entries and Recipe Updates:

At Seafood Directions, the bi-annual national seafood conference, the prawn farmers and wild catch sector united to produce Australia's biggest prawn cocktail.

Australia's Biggest Prawn Cocktail
[27 October, 2011]

They make them big in Queensland. And they don't get much bigger than this - 120 iceberg lettuces, 60 kilograms of prawns and 60 litres of sauce were mixed into one gigantic cocktail glass to become Australia's largest prawn cocktail.

Branded, the Great Queensland Prawn Cocktail, the giant size entree was made in the Gold Coast Convention Centre's main kitchen and then transported under wraps to the exhibition hall where it will stood centre stage from 6pm for the welcome cocktail party and reveal at 6.45pm...

Queensland Week Report
[7 July, 2011]

Here is the full report from the Queensland Week promotion held by the APFA, the QSMA and some forward thinking and enthusiastic seafood retailers...

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