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Eat Queensland Prawns during Queensland Week. June 4th - 13th

It’s Unaustralian not to be a Queenslander.

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We love Queensland. We love prawns.

Queensland Prawns for Queensland Week June 4th - 13th

We love prawns, but we only tend to love them twice a year - at Christmas and Easter. Prawns are available all year round. So we're celebrating during Queensland Week with some great events - sharing prawn specials through fishmongers and supermarkets, recipe ideas and telling the rest of Queensland how good our local produce is.

Why Queensland Week?

It doesn't get more "Queenslandey" in Queensland than June, when we're in the middle of Origin Fever and the southern states are freezing. From Bamaga to Coolongatta, we're living the life that only Queensland can provide.

Why Prawns?

You might thing prawns are just a summer food, but they perform really well in winter dishes - casseroles, laksas, soups - in fact you can make those favourite regular family dishes of yours more interesting by swapping chicken or pork for prawns.

Eat Queensland Prawns during Queensland Week Events

Participating Retailers Location Event
Fisheries on the Spit Mooloolaba Spit
Mooloolaba QLD 4557
Prawn Speciasl during Queensland Week: Discount of $5.00/kg of regular prices plus a free small gourmet salad with every purchase of 2kg or more.
Fish @ Chancellor Shop 1b
19 Chancellor Park Shopping Centre
Chancellor Park QLD 4556
Prawn Specials during Queensland Week:
• Large Cooked Mooloolaba King Prawns $19.90/kg;
• QLD cooked bay Prawns $9.90/kg;
• Extra large Raw QLD Tiger Prawns $24.90/kg
Woolworths Kawana Waters Point Cartwright Dr & Nicklin Way
Buddina QLD 4575
Specials on Aussie Tigers and Gulf of Carpentaria Banana Prawns plus tastings and demonstrations on Aussie Tigers on Friday June 10 and Sat June 11th
ISP Seafood Cairns and Smithfield 1 Bramp Close
Cairns QLD 4870
Smithfield Shopping Centre
Smithfield QLD 4878
Saturday June 4th: Prawn specials and a live broadcast from Sea FM
Mackay Fish Markets 2 River Street
Mackay QLD 4740
Prawn Specials during Queensland Week:
• Medium cooked Hay Point King Prawns $19.99/kg;
• Cooked Cape Hillsborough Banana Prawns $12.99/kg;
• Saturday June 4th: Prawn specials and live Broadcast from Zinc FM
Morgans Seafood Bird of Passage Parade
Scarborough Boat Harbour
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4020
Sunday June 12th
Samies Girl 15 Hercules St
Hamilton QLD 4007
Saturday June 11th
Aussie Tiger Prawns Available at Woolworths Supermarkets' Deli section - Queensland only Specials on Aussie Tiger Prawns
Woolworths Garden City Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre
Kessels Road
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122
Specials on Aussie Tigers and Gulf of Carpentaria Banana Prawns plus tastings and demonstrations on Aussie Tigers on Friday June 10 and Sat June 11th
Woolworths North Lakes Westfield North Lakes Shopping Centre
Cnr Anzac & North Lakes Dr,
North Lakes QLD 4509
Specials on Aussie Tigers and Gulf of Carpentaria Banana Prawns plus tastings and demonstrations on Aussie Tigers on Friday June 10 and Sat June 11th

Where to buy Queensland Prawns

Queensland Prawns are available from supermarkets and specialist seafood retailers throughout this great state of ours. When at the supermarket you will find Queensland Prawns in the Deli section, or in some locations, the supermarket will have its own seafood section.

Queensland Prawns
Woolworths Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets
Aussie Tiger Prawns
Find your nearest Queensland seafood retailer - from small family run fishmongers to large operations with their own trawlers or farms. Woolworths supermarkets store locator. Find your nearest store. Coles supermarkets store locator. Find your nearest store. Aussie Tiger Prawns are available at Woolworths Supermarkets. Find your nearest store.
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Reasons we love Queensland

  • Your outback property can become valuable waterfront overnight.
  • If your garden is overgrown in Cardwell, a kind stranger called Yasi trims it by morning.
  • If you live in Bowen the earth really does move for you.
  • Banana Prawns are sometimes cheaper than Bananas
  • Who cares about our two speed economy? Prawns are just as delicious on the back of a yacht as the back of a ute.
  • Queensland Week is nine days long. Everything is bigger in Queensland.

So during Queensland Week, grab some Queensland Prawns, sit on the patio, even if it used to be the living room, and marvel on the year that's passed.

Because of the rain, the prawns have put on the Barry White, slipped into something more comfortable (like an estuary) and done their maroon duty and bred like crazy. The Bananas are on the boil, the Kings are just back from the royal wedding. NASA have wrapped up their last shuttle mission in a craft named after the Endeavour Prawn. And the Tigers are purring.

So lets reflect on what's been a bugger of a year for many. When ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances become heroes. When we get enough rain for the whole country and more wind than comes from Canberra.

And while there's still a few vestiges of royal fever left in their air, let's not forget how Queensland came about. On June 6th, 1859 Queen Victoria mandated that we take time out from whatever we are doing to get some prawns, peel them slowly, put our feet up and marvel at just how much Queensland is not New South Wales.

But no matter what happens, Queensland remains Queensland and just gets Queenslandier. In fact Scientists from the University of Queensland have proven that Queensland is the most Queenslandy state in Australia. And with only a little more funding, should be able to prove the same thing is true worldwide.

So whether you're in Brisbane, playing Jagger and Bowie's 80's classic "Dinghy in the streets." Or if you're out in the mines pulling in $200K for washing cars and wondering how many flat screens you can fit into your fourteen utes with your busy 1 week on 9 week off schedule. Or if you're in the Far North, finally getting the ark finished for next wet season, we hear you. And salute you.

The prawns have done their duty. Now it's time to do yours. And that's nothing.

Don't mow the lawn this weekend. It's grown so fast enough it's developed self awareness and can look after itself now. Don't commit to fix the fence, fix the car or fix the cat. Grab the bucket you used to bail out the rooms upstairs, fill it with ice, fill it with your choice of Tigers, Kings, Bananas or Endeavours and fill yourself with pride and Queensland Prawns.



Eat Queensland Prawns during Queensland Week

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